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Winter Recipe Ideas

There is nothing nicer than a piece of hot Jabal Lebanese bread.

Cut in half or in quarters and put in the toaster, it comes out like a big chip, smother with butter, and or your favourite jam and have with a cup of piping hot tea or coffee to get you started in the morning. It is also wonderful and healthy accompanying soup, casseroles or stews.
Hot Filled Wraps
Use a toaster sandwich machine, Panini grill or George Forman type  griller, or microwave
Fill with your favourite fillings, some suggestions below
Sweet corn and cheese
Spaghetti and cheese
Pineapple and cheese
Bacon and eggs
Mince and Cheese
* Great healthy alternative to a pie with no saturated fat in the bread.
Pizza - Leftovers
Take a JABAL Lebanese Bread – cover with tomato paste,
Add leftovers from last nights roast,
Lamb, chicken, pork, roast potatos, parsnips etc and cover with cheese
10 minutes in the oven on 180 degrees and dinner is sorted.
* A variation of this is instead of using tomato paste, put butter chicken paste on the base for a more ‘gourmet’ tasting pizza.

Pita Pockets
Wraps - Lebanese Bread

Winter Warmers
Snacks and Accompaniments
Low Fat Chips
Sweet Pita Chip Dessert

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